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There are many lubricants available today. Some of this oil will be used only to determine that the engine only. Some models are available with both petrol and diesel engines.

When shopping for used oil. You should start by looking at the information needs of the engine. By reading the book and using your car. It is important. The lubrication of the engine, but it would be very different.
First, the standard API, which means that the standard of the American Petroleum Institute, or ACEA.
We talked about the story of the various substances. As an ingredient in lubricants. New engine for a few minutes here.

Mineral oil is a natural oil based lubricants are the same for all manufacturers. The difference comes out when the water begins to mix with the oil in the water, each group will be discussed further in a previous work as a basis. Not the substance itself. And not to mention the number or proportion depends on the engine oil is used or recommended for use with any engine on.

The wash water is usually a mixture Detergents metal band. Functions to different parts of the engine clean. Prevent sticking a piece of dirt. In particular, the piston rings on the piston. Substances in this group can help control the plaque coating of metal. Due to the burning of oil during the combustion temperature of the engine and then the residue was coated on the surface of metal.

I’ve been cut off from the new engine. The engine has been used for about one hundred kilometers. According to history, he changed the oil from the center of the car brand. That every five thousand miles. However, it appears that there is a high wear. And found that in addition to high wear. The various pieces of the metal and the heat from the engine to the oil to flow through those metals. A dark red stain from the burning of this oil coating is everywhere. Clearly shows that Service center for the oil change. Not qualified enough to wash the engine. It is also suspected that. Oil in the center comes out options available to the user locking their car. The anti-burning and degradation of the oil. Caused by the heat of the engine is sufficient or not.

Disperse distribution. Or used as a suspension. I’m not sure what to call it. The English language called Dispersent compounds that do not have a metal base. Usually working with chemicals leaching above. This material allows the suspension to soak up the water. Dirt or other unwanted substances that leach out of the surface of the metal. The engine. Floating in oil. Back to the metal surface.

Material Anti-oxidants. It is used as an anti-rust. Used to prevent oil from dysfunction. Due to the heat during the operation of the vehicle. As a result, the oil last longer.

Anti-wear agents, anti-wear additives that are important for me to mix in the oil deal. This material reduces wear caused by friction between the two pieces of metal parts. The piston to the cylinder surface. Cam with rocker valve. And bearings of the crankshaft. We call it reigned as Charles I onwards.

But we do not live with me until the cylinder bore erosion. Water into the oil. Oil into the cooling water. Now, what do they talk together. The surge is barred money in your pocket or in your bank account as the car itself.
Anti-foam and Anti-foam additive for oil is a good one to me. That it is necessary to rotate the crankshaft of the engine into the oil reservoir to the rotation of the crankshaft in the engine compartment air to mix with the oil. If the mixture does not contain this type of oil. Oil will hit you like a beaten egg to fry an egg in a frying pan full of hot cooked rice and eaten with hot sauce so well.
Now, the oil bubble. Oil lubrication with air bubbles in it that was not good. We had to make an anti-foam oil with them.

I do not want the wrong word here. Even know that. We called up the charts. And used to understand when I say that. Charles I dissolved the . The surface or surface coating on the bearings are smooth melt. I mean it’s not slow shaft. I would not do it for me. What language is easier for us to go. What will I be when But teachers say it.

Corrosion inhibitors are substances that protect metal surfaces from corrosion and chemicals. Or water which causes rust. The acids that may be caused by the deterioration of the oil compounds in a long time that this may be the result of a chemical burn on any cylinders. Due to corrosion or rust can lead to wear and tear of parts as well.

In the following section, the engine oil must be sufficiently clear on cooling. To be sent to lubricate properly. And does not create a burden on the engine with the starter motor to rotate. I do not like turning the engine running. If it is thick. It makes it a little difficult to start the engine. He also led the substances that allow oil too thick when cold mix it called Pour point depressant.
Viscosity index improver is Bending chemical nature of the oil. Viscosity is a change to one you like. This will change the engine oil Viscosity changes of the temperature. Oil into the fun.

Multigrade engine oils can be used to grade or type of chemicals that act like this. In addition to the overall grade oil can be used in the engine. Due to the different temperature range. From cold to hot. Or from cold to hot. The climate of the area by car. A single grade oil do not have very much.

I usually use oil grade. The higher the number 40 because that is when it is not too clear. Labor and not concentrate because the number 50 is another way to save fuel.

But if you ask why I do not use oils with a grade of 30 on the high side if you want to save fuel. I still need to learn that. I was driving quite fast. Continuous and fast lose weight, I was out with a foot each time I press the accelerator to get quite deep. I’m not sure. I was at a high speed. No. 30 lubricating oil will not only be sufficient or not.
Such as the air motor and the engine is still cold. Outside, the air was hot. To drive on the motorway, which did very well. I then fell to the activation of Thailand. High speed. Cavort through the semis to the bridge in the heat of the house here. Grade lubricating oil to meet the demand of the engine better.

You should check that. Engine manufacturers recommend oil does your most commonly used to make fuel grade he was in the SAE standard SAE standard that is meant here.

Letter W means Winter winter like 10W or private high number is that the hot oil Viscosity on the 50th.
A higher number indicates that the oil is thicker than But when I did the heat. I’ll just keep it the same or better thick oil well with the standard of SAE Grade Match only Claek not concentrate on something hot.

Viscosity of oil demand, the new engine will be used. Decline steadily. To specify the use of 20W-50 and 15W-40 would become the new engine models is recommended to use 10W-30 engine oil up.

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